Thursday, April 7, 2016

Favorite Places in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Pork Rinds at Sweet Potatoes
Pork Rinds at Sweet Potatoes
My pal, Nick, asked me for recommendations today for Winston-Salem, knowing that I was just there for work. Since it's top of mind, here are my favorites!

Sweet Potatoes
529 North Trade Street
Winston-Salem, NC
Very well executed southern comfort food. Owners Stephanie Tyson and Vivian Joiner pour their hearts into this place, and the food reflects their passion. The fried pork rinds are made fresh to order, so they are still crackling when they are delivered to the table. My favorites are the fried chicken, smothered ANYTHING, the stuffed trout, and the sides plate--three sides of your choice.

630 S. Stratford Rd
Milner's Fried Chicken
Winston-Salem, NC
One of the nicer places in Winston-Salem. Beautiful small plates if you want to dine on a variety of appetizers; I also love their fried chicken.

638 West Fourth St.
Winston-Salem, NC
Awesome fried pickles, extremely generous sampler pours, and whiskey flights!

575 West 5th Street
Winston-Salem, NC
The owner/pitmaster, Mark Little, plays a mean harmonica and knows how to smoke meat. Love the brisket here.
Foothills Sampler Flight (photo by Jim Anderson)

310 West Fourth Street
Winston-Salem, NC
Beautifully delicious pastries. And owner Cary Clifford is one of the nicest people in Winston-Salem. Check out their Instagram feed to drool.

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